Andor Polgar's visual journal

Hi there 👋 My name is Andor Polgar. This is my personal website. Here, you'll find random snapshots from my life, occasional visual art created with friends, and sometimes my thoughts and reflections on life.


Hello, I'm Andor Polgar. I always thought it was a bit strange how people write their bios in the third person. I've been told it's the professional way to do it, and I've even been asked to write mine like that for film festivals, but I cringe a bit every time I try. So, I hope you don't mind me keeping things first-person here.

I was born into a family of first-generation intellectuals right around when the Soviet Union was falling apart, and I grew up in the suburbs of a small city in post-communist Hungary. It was a brand-new world not just for me as a baby, but also for my parents and everyone else, as we stepped into an age of possibilities. It was exciting, but not everything was for the better. A lot of people had a Stockholm syndrome-esque attachment to the old authoritarian ways and corruption, clinging to a past that should have been left behind. That's partly why, after finishing school, I decided to start a new life somewhere else.

As a kid, I was hyperfixated towards computer programming and technology. Despite not having a mentor during those early years, my fixation led me to figure things out on my own (though it took a bit longer). I've discovered that my brain is wired in a way that makes solving problems feel incredibly rewarding, which has made software engineering the perfect job for me. These days, I'm working as a freelance software consultant, mostly from my home office in the Netherlands, but I often travel as a digital nomad.

I really like taking photos of people and documenting my life. It's a way for me to connect and create with like-minded artists. I do this purely for my own enjoyment, I'm not after fame, lasting legacy or anything like that. While I like the occasional recognition and attention, I'm not concerned about the afterlife of my work. Honestly, even if someone ended up using my photos as their own, it wouldn't upset me at all. What matters most to me is the process of creating these images, and looking back at them later when I already forgot about their existence. They're like little time capsules for me, bringing back precious memories.

I'm absolutely fascinated by the idea of humanity creating a general superintelligence, the progress and possibilities in this area are truly blowing my mind. It's a very exciting time to be alive!