Andor Polgar's visual journal

Hi there 👋 My name is Andor Polgar. This is my personal website. Here, you'll find random snapshots from my life, occasional visual art created with friends, and sometimes my thoughts and reflections on life.

In the beginning, God programmed the universal constants, calibrating the forces and values that govern all creation. He laid down the laws of physics, setting the stage for complexity and life.

And God said, "Let there be a universe tailored for the emergence and evolution of self-replicating structures." And with the constants set, the universe expanded from a singular point, spreading out particles and energy, creating galaxies, stars, and planets.

God looked upon the formation of atoms, the fusion in stars, and the creation of molecules capable of self-replication. On a uniquely positioned blue planet, these molecules began to complexify under the perfect conditions set forth by the constants.

And God saw that it was good. Then He commanded, "Let these molecules assemble into cells, and let these cells evolve, adapting and multiplying." And so, life began in the waters of this vibrant world, driven by the immutable laws and constants established from the cosmos's conception.

God called this process Evolution, and He watched as life diversified and filled every niche and corner of the planet. From the smallest bacterium to the largest whale, all were inscribed in the fabric of the universe, a testimony to the precision of His cosmic parameters.

As the sun set on a billion years, God reflected on the Earth, teeming with life, a flourishing garden born from the constants He had decreed. And thus, the first chapter of creation was complete, a preamble to the wonders and stories that were to unfold.